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Servicing All Brands of Automatic & Manual Doors

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We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Family Business located in and servicing the Greater Puget Sound Area.


With over 20 years of experience our technicians go through factory provided training and are AAADM Certified. Working with our company ensures that your installation will be in compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). All technicians have a Journeyman Electrical 010 License or Electrical Trainee License as required by the State of Washington.


Servicing all brands of automatic and manual doors our service

vehicles carry a region specific inventory to prevent return trips as much as possible.


We offer competitive rates and are the Washington distributor of Tormax Automatic, Nabco Entrances, and the Entrematic line of products by Record. we also carry BEA & Door Controls USA.


We promise to provide a 48-hour response time to all non-emergency calls and a 24-hour emergency response service is available for critical issues.

Meet The Team

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Drew Buman

Co-Owner | Electrical Admin |

Training Supervisor | Sales |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Emily Buman

Co-Owner | President | Office & Service Manager |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Troy Dearing

Project Manager | Installer |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Andrea Hopkins

Executive Assistant |

Service Manager

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David Hopkins

Door Technician | Installer |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Shane Burns

Door Technician | Installer |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Kurt Keneske

Door Technician | Installer |

AAADM Certified Inspector

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Lonell Jackson

Door Technician | Installer |

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Ben Giles

Door Technician | Installer |

AAADM Certified Inspector |

Fire Door Inspector


Ryan Mapes

Door Technician | Installer|


TORMAX Product Features

TORMAX is the choice of customers who want doors that open and close unnoticed and harmonize with their environment.

Our Products meet these needs because they:

  • Open and close precisely when required

  • Can be programmed to admit only those people with authorized access

  • Operate silently and reliably

  • Are intelligent, microprocessor-controlled to specific needs

  • Are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and applicable specifications, and delivered to your schedule

  • Can be easily integrated into complete building management systems

  • Offer unlimited architectural design flexibility

  • Provide a long service life with lowest total cost of ownership

Technically supported solutions

We provide high quality, quick response, technically supported solutions for:

Wherever People Move

TORMAX has thousands of satisfied and repeat customers world wide, who have applied our automatic entrance systems:


* Installed Swing & Sliding Doors |
** Installed Swing, Sliding and Manual Doors

TORMAX Swing Door Systems offer the right drive for any type of swing door application. Operating almost unnoticeably, our swing door drives are easy to service, and meet all building code requirements. Automatic detection of obstacles, safe manual operation in the event of a power loss, and the capability of fitting the door with a panic breakaway device for emergency egress are only a few of the many safety characteristics of our swing door systems. Installation is possible on the overhead lintel, concealed overhead or even concealed in the floor, taking minimum time to fit, either when installing new doors or retrofitting existing ones. They are available for standard single, double and specialty doors.

A TORMAX swing door system makes no compromises-either in terms of aesthetics or functionality. The compact, discreet design blends into the architecture of any structure. Because our doors are "self-learning", a door can be brought into service quickly and easily.

The TX9000 Slide Door System is the ultimate intelligent system. It incorporates state of the art iMotion direct drive system technology with self-adjusting fully programmable iMotion micro-processor control and on board diagnostics coupled with outstanding door profile design.

The door systems are available in Outside Slide (TX9200)Inside Slide (TX9300)Telescoping Outside Slide (TX9420) and Telescoping Inside Slide (TX9430) and in All Glass (TX9500).

Auto Diagnostics: The TORMAX iMotion Direct Drive System is continuously monitored by an on-board auto diagnostic system; when a fault is detected a blinking code is displayed on the remote Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. This swift response provides the building management crew with immediate information and allows for faster problem resolution. Door operating characteristics and door parameters may also be changed through the Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. Standard with all slide door systems, the door can be field adjusted to meet any operating condition.

Self-Adjusting iMotion Controller: The iMotion Direct Drive System maintains optimal performance at all times through the use of an on-board self-adjusting closed loop iMotion® micro-processor control system. The system periodically checks the door’s operating limits and makes automatic adjustment to compensate for temperature, wind, dust, dirt, stack pressure and other outside factors, which alter the system’s performance.

TX9600 series TORMAX Health Care Door System (HCD) is available as a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) manual sliding door system. This is a manual sliding door system specifically designed to meet the requirements of hospital intensive care and cardiac care units. Available in a trackless (TX9600TL) or track type design (TX9600) with two, three, and four panel configurations, two or four panel trackless smoke rated (TX9600TLSR), three panel telescoping trackless (TX9630TL) or three panel telescoping trackless smoke rated (TX9630TLSR), or (TX9620) track type design and (TX9600TL Manual Swing Doors) one or two panel designs. The HCD series utilizes the same high quality construction of our automatic sliding door systems.


With broad glass panels, patients are always in full view while providing for a quiet comfortable environment. Easy access for hospital staff is always convenient using the door system as a manual swing or sliding door. No matter how demanding your hospital or healthcare facility door requirements, TORMAX has the solution. And we can "package" our entrance systems to meet all of your entry way needs: CCU, ICU, handicapped access, and architectural.

The BEA Group develops sensing solutions that are designed to improve the performance and safety of automated equipment. Our mission is to work closely with the industry, our customers, and manufacturers to ensure that these solutions can enhance overall operations while helping streamline safety, security and productivity.


BEA’s MS11 is an aesthetically pleasing, touchless activation device designed to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial settings. The MS11 has been purpose-built to withstand the extreme rigors of fast-paced and sanitary environments.

The flush-mount MS11 is a durable stainless steel device utilizing adjustable-range microwave technology. The MS11’s illuminated center and audible signaling confirms activation and encourages proper touchless use.

The MS11 detects moving objects such as a hand, cart or wheelchair and is designed for use in hospitals, pharmacies, clean rooms, food service and other areas needing highly accessible and germ-free activation.

MS11-FAMILY (1).png

BEA’s IXIO-DT1 is a dual technology motion and presence sensor, combining microwave activation and infrared presence detection for the automatic sliding door industry.

This solution is highly flexible and user-friendly for sliding doors, industrial doors, vehicle gate detection and off-door automation.

The IXIO-DT1 can be adjusted into ANSI compliance and has earned a comprehensive list of credentials and certifications, including FCC and IP54.

The IXIO-DT1 ensures convenience, safety and energy efficiency for BEA customers and end users.


BEA’s LZR®-FLATSCAN SW is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight presence sensor for use as a stand-alone safety sensor on automatic pedestrian swing doors. This solution can also be used as a reactivation sensor on the approach side of low energy doors.

This superior technology generates 170 detection points across a single curtain, which allows LZR-FLATSCAN SW to cover the entire face of a single door leaf including the hinge area.

Finger Detection Technology™ utilizes 100 detection points within the hinge area of the door, protecting hands and fingers while the door is in motion.

The LZR-FLATSCAN SW is capable of exceeding the 156.10 section standard for detection area and meets section 8.1.4 for monitoring.


Sliding Doors: Where Elegance Meets Durability

The NABCO GT1175 Series sets the standard for smooth operation and quiet performance. While elegant by design, the GT1175 Series is engineered to withstand challenging environments and weather conditions. NABCO’s microprocessor control provides reliable door operation, important usage counts, and diagnostic features for quick troubleshooting and reduced maintenance costs. Offering a prompt return on your investment with one of the lowest lifetime costs of ownership, the ultra-quiet, high-performance GT1175 Series is the right solution for every automatic sliding door entrance.

Swing Doors

Record’s swing door operators are known for quiet operation, easy installation and reliability that outlasts the competition. Swing door operators are ideal for both existing and new installations. 


Safety is Our Priority

With 50 billion safe automatic door openings and closings every year in the United States alone, automatic doors hold an exceptional safety record.

When properly installed, inspected annually by AAADM certified inspectors and safety-checked daily by premise owners, automatic doors consistently provide safe, convenient access for everyone.

Hollow Metal Doors

Fire-Rated steel doors play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. Labeled fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 3 hours. Metal fire doors are an economical alternative to wood fire doors, when more than a 20 minute rating is required. Steel is the sole door material to deliver a 3 hour fire-rating.

Panic Devices

A mainstay in public buildings for decades Von Duprin's safety products are known for their unparalleled quality and performance. From innovative exit devices to electronic access control solutions and accessories, Von Duprin never compromises when security is at stake. In fact, an independent study of more than 100 commercial facilities across the U.S. documented that Von Duprin exit devices require significantly less maintenance over a 30-year period than any other brand. The quality of Von Duprin’s exit devices provides confidence and peace of mind in critical moments. 

Access Control

Our award-winning access control systems extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected. HID’s best-in-class access control solutions enable:

  • Trusted access, for the right people at the right times

  • Safe environments for employees, visitors and contractors

  • User convenience and workflow optimization through integrated, mobile solutions

  • Increased visibility, with real-time monitoring and cost-control functions

  • Investment protection via scalable, forward-looking solutions

  • Peace of mind, with expert, personalized concept-to-implementation support

With decades of experience in the development of strong access control solutions for physical and logical access, HID Global is trusted by organizations and governments to provide unsurpassed security and protection solutions.

Planned Maintanence

We work with you to ensure that the impact to your business is reduced. Having a maintenance plan is a great way to reduce downtime due to an automatic door.

Call us for a customized plan. We offer flexible options depending on the needs of your business.






Tel: 253.802.0888


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